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Customizing a Rapture Kit

Options for using or customizing the Rapture Kit

There are many ways to use and customize the Rapture Kit resource. Consider each Kit a good starting point resource which you can add to based on the needs of the person you want to receive it. A few options are noted below:

  • Click on the MORE INFORMATION tab and select the INFORMATION FOR SENDER submenu for ideas regarding broaching the subject of the Rapture with an unsaved friend or relative. Included on that page are sample letters which you may wish to adapt and send to the unsaved individual(s) God has placed on your heart.
  • Rapture Kit Flash Drives have 1.64 Gigs of free space available. Senders can upload personal letters, video messages, or scanned documents to the Drive. We suggest putting this kind of information in a separate folder so recipient can easily see this is personal information from you. 
  • Senders of Rapture Kits may wish to consider uploading legal, financial, or personal property transfer information to the Kit. We urge caution here. We’ve provided links to several legal aid sources which may be able to provide low or no-cost forms and counsel on the Flash Drive (see INFORMATION FOR SENDER SECTION). To those who sense God’s leading to gift a Rapture Kit to an individual BEFORE the Rapture may wish to consider: Letting recipients of the Kits know where they can find a letter from you or file of information (perhaps at your home or business) that will have financial, auto and/or property transfer, and/or last will and testament-type information. The goal here is to provide spiritual and practical resources to those not taken in the Rapture. Certainly, you do not want to provide sensitive financial information and title-transfer paperwork in advance of the Rapture. However, in the chaos of the early days following the Rapture, it will be very impactful if the people you have been praying for know you have important information (a clean title to a car, a debit card that allows them to access funds, etc.), waiting for them in a particular (secure) location.

To those who sense God’s leading to gift a Rapture Kit to an individual AFTER the Rapture:  We suggest uploading the financial and property transfer information you wish the recipient to receive to the Rapture Kit Flash Drive, and letting potential recipients know you have a spiritual and practical resource set aside for them. Let them know you care for them and pray they are spiritually prepared for the coming Rapture. However, if the Rapture takes place and they are left behind, they can find the Rapture Kit resource you’ve set aside for them at this particular location_________.

  • Note: We do not view Rapture Kits as a product, but a ministry. We pray this resource will help believers become more strategic and active in witnessing, will be used to warn the lost about the coming Rapture, and will help individuals in the post-Rapture world be drawn to Christ and equipped to become the next generation of ministry leaders.  We thank you for your prayerful and financial support. Please help us promote this new ministry resource by sharing this information with your contacts and home church leadership. Thank you very much!