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Frequently Asked Questions

Rapture Kit 32GB (version 2.0)

  • What is a Rapture Kit?The Rapture Kit is a dual purpose resource designed to aid believers today in leading individuals to Christ (before the Rapture) and provide those not taken by Christ in the Rapture with essential information regarding what has happened, how to be saved, what to expect, and how to live for Christ. The giving of a Rapture Kit is an expression of care and God’s love. It provides a starting point for believers today to have a spiritual impact in the world even after they have been taken in the Rapture.
  • What happened to the previous Rapture Kit 8GB (version 1.3)?As of April 2021, we have worked hard to bring a very significant upgrade to the Rapture Kit. All material in the 8GB version has been brought forward into the 32GB version. The full version history of the Rapture Kit resource can be found here.
  • What is Included in a Rapture Kit? A detailed overview of content can be found here.
  • Can I copy the Rapture Kit resource? Yes, with some common sense restrictions:
    • General Statement: We believe the Rapture is imminent…it could happen at any time and without preconditions. Our team has been working for over two years to provide a helpful “starting point” for believers to reach others for Christ. This includes those on this side of the Rapture, because it clearly presents the Gospel and the consequences of being left behind. We pray many will come to faith in time…before the Tribulation period begins. Realistically, however, we also know many are resistant to our pleading. They will not believe in time so as to escape in the Rapture. But we pray they will yield to Jesus in great repentance after the Rapture…when confronted by the truth of the Word of God and the testimony of so many that warned them of impending Tribulation. Our struggle to produce the Rapture Kit is done with great love for the lost. Therefore, we want to empower a worldwide cohort of born again believers to help others brace for the things we know are coming to the best of our ability. We have a great responsibility to pass the baton to the next generation of believers…known as Tribulation Saints. Often, these are the lost we don’t yet see. Please duplicate and spread this resource as a fully aligned member of the Body of Christ as we all sprint to our respective finish lines.
    • What we want: Givers of the Rapture Kit are in effect, co-laboring with us to reach the lost! As such, we encourage the duplication of the Rapture Kit resources using blank USB drives (needed 32GB capacity) found in many stores. Here is a link to Amazon. We recommend 32GB USB drives in either 2.0 or 3.0 specification. The 3.0 spec is much faster to use, but cost more to purchase.
    • What we don’t want: No person, Church, ministry, or entity can resell or license the Rapture Kit resource under any circumstances. Duplicate and use for personal evangelism: yes! Use for your own source of making money: no! Make sense?
  • How hard is it to make my own Rapture Kits? It’s not hard, but it is very time consuming. We have a Make Your Own web page that will provide several options for where you can download the materials. We support Rapture Kit 8GB (version 1.3) and Rapture Kit 32GB (version 2.0) options. These files are extremely large! There are three options for how to download with complete step-by-step instructions along with screenshots. Of course, if you purchase a physical Rapture Kit from our store and it is shipped to you, it can be much easier to duplicate on your PC.
  • Is the data compatible for PC and Mac? The Rapture Kit Flash drive is explicitly designed to be compatible with PC and Mac computers. Nearly all resources are in one of three formats: (a) PDF documents for books and articles, (b) MP4 format for videos, and (c) MP3 for audio files.
  • Is the Flash Drive customizable? More than 4GB of material can be added to the Rapture Kit 2.0 USB Flash Drive. It is easy to do so, see the Tutorials page for more help.
  • Are discounts available for large orders? Of course! With a few as 6 Rapture Kits, the store shopping cart will automatically apply discounts. The maximum discount is 40 percent…subject to change without notice. Logically, the shipping and handling costs are adjusted because we must cover a larger mailer and increased shipping cost.
  • Do you have comments or suggestions? Our desire is to be a blessing. Please keep the I AM A WATCHMAN ministry in your prayers, and do not hesitate to Contact Us!
  • How you can help. Please pray for God’s blessing on the Rapture Kit resource and the I AM A WATCHMAN ministry. In addition, please make your friends/contacts/church aware of this resource. Thank you!
  • Supporting websites: Additional (free) resources are available at and