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Rapture Kit


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The Rapture Kits resource is designed to aid believers in actively praying for and reaching out to individuals who are not yet saved. The goals are to lead individuals to Christ and provide support to individuals who delay in making that decision and are not taken by Christ in the Rapture. The giving of a Rapture Kit is an expression of care and God’s love, and a way for believers today to have a spiritual impact in the world even after they have been taken in the Rapture by Christ.

What is included in a Rapture Kit?

Rapture Kits include the following: A Bible, a digital folder with more than 120 pages of important information (information on how to be saved, what has happened, what to expect, and how to prepare for what is to come), eight books (on the topics of prophecy, apologetics, the Christian Walk, and being a Watchman for the Lord), 12 video teachings (on prophecy, how to be saved, apologetics/reasons for faith, and living out your faith), a two-part audio teaching on why and how to share your faith, an illustrated storybook for children, several spiritual tracts from World Missionary Press, and a 50-minute video presentation noting what the Rapture is, what has happened, and what to do now.

USB drive works with Apple and PC products.

Watch the brief video below for a tutorial on how to use the Rapture Kit Flash Drive:

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