Rapture Kit Version History

History of Rapture Kit Development

Version 1 – was a physical kit, which included DVDs, books, and a 100-page binder. Shipping and materials made the price point over $100. The desire for this to be a more affordable resource led us to explore other options.

Version 1.1 – the material was put on a Flash Drive with the IAAW logo.  A foam-lined protective case for the Flash Drive was designed and made available; several books were updated, and a children’s book was added.

About this time the RaptureKit.org website came online. This site profiles Rapture Kit contents and includes an introductory video.

Version 1.2 – Rapture Kits were shrink-wrapped, and .wmv video files were replaced with compressed .mp4 files. Multi-lingual Scripture Booklets were added and organized in a separate folder.  The thinking is these could be shared as an evangelistic tool in over 300 languages and with several titles.

About this time, a tutorial for how to view and add-to the Rapture Kit Flash Drive was added to the RaptureKit.org website.

Version 1.3 – PDF Bibles were added, including ASV and KJV by user request.

About this time expanded FAQ and Customer Testimony pages were added to the amiraptureready.org and RaptureKit.org websites.

Version 2.0 – Release in the beginning of Q2 2021.  This is a very large expansion of our 1.x series Rapture Kits.  The theme of this version is twofold.  First, we seek to encourage, warn, and disciple a new generation of believers (aka, Tribulation Saints) to fearlessly work for the cause of Christ.  Second, is to come alongside Tribulation Saints in passing on our very best thinking about what the Bible says they will face—along with council, and very strong and direct teachings about how to best face the evil in those days.

Seeing that we (on this side of the Rapture) are about to hand the baton to “a great multitude” of new believers in the Tribulation Period after the Rapture of the Church, we open our hand and now permit a free “Make Your Own” Rapture Kit and choose which to copy (version 1.3 or 2.0).  The giver of the Rapture Kit supplies their own USB drives, we provide free access to all the content. Our ministry believes it is the responsible thing to do given the urgency of the Lord’s Prophetic timeline.

We believe this is the right time to push very hard so that unlimited Rapture Kits can be created for those that are left behind.

Of course, if there is a preference to donate to obtain the ready made Rapture Kits that we have already prepared, then that is available at rapturekit.org store.  New for us are direct links to our ministry partners so that if a user has an existing account with our partners, they will be redirected there.

The Rapture Kit will continue to grow and mature as the Lord permits and we have time to work on it.  Thank you for your support during these, the last days!