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Make Your Own

We know time is short and every moment of everyday counts.  To ensure we do not hinder the Gospel we provide anyone that wants a Rapture Kit–regardless of means or geographic location–to be able to make their own for free and without registration.

Simply purchase your own 8GB or 32GB (or higher capacity) USB drive, choose the download site you wish to use, download the files, and then copy the files to your own USB drive!  It’s pretty simple and can be completed in 1-2 hours!  Full instructions are provided!

There are several ways to download. We recommend downloading ZIP files as this process is less complicated. Most operatiing systems (PC or Mac) support .ZIP files, so it is a universal compression standard.

  1. o For the Current Rapture Kit 2.1b in ZIP file format, follow the icedrive logo below.
  2. o For full access to both 8GB and 32GB in either ZIP or uncompressed format, follow the box, sync, or dropbox logos below.
  3. o NOTE: We offer free upgrades from the 8GB Rapture Kit 1.3 to 1.4 and 32GB Rapture Kit 2.0 to 2.1b.  These are available in box, sync, and dropbox download sites.

Rapture Kits are free to download; no registration required.

Current Rapture Kit – Zip File Method Only   

Full 8GB and 32GB with Upgrades

FTP Protocol

FTP via

Video Tutorials

How to Download a Rapture Kit using Icedrive Platform