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The I Am A Watchman ministry provides resources designed to equip, inform, and encourage. We believe the Rapture will happen soon and have a particular burden for those who will be left behind.

Members of the I Am A Watchman ministry team have friends and relatives who are not saved and are aware that few church pastors prioritize teaching about prophecy and the coming Rapture. The creation of this resource was prompted by a burden to see Christians more informed, the lost amply warned, and those left behind provided with resources designed to lead them to Christ and equipped to serve as ministry leaders in the post-Rapture world.

The Rapture Kit resource will help believers know what the Bible says about the Rapture and how to proactively warn and inform those who are not spiritually prepared for the return of the Lord.  Rapture Kits will serve as a valuable resource for those not taken in the Rapture. With the church gone (raptured) and prohibitions on Christian literature and programming coming, we are concerned that individuals not taken in the Rapture will not understand what has happened, know how to be saved, or be able to grow to become strong disciples and leaders for Christ. The Rapture Kit resource addresses those concerns.

A 50-minute video will explain what has happened, what is coming, and how to be saved. 9 eBooks, a 120-page digital binder, evangelistic tracts, a Bible and 12 teaching videos will help individuals understand the truth, grow in Christ, prepare for the dark days of the Tribulation period, and be equipped to be leaders for Christ in the last days.

The church does well in the area of FOREIGN missions—we are encouraging the church to do better in the area of strategic FUTURE missions. The Rapture Kit resource can help believers reach past the Rapture, past their own lives and impact the future, post-Rapture world.

Rapture Kit materials are biblically-based, centrist, and written with individuals with limited or no church background in mind. Materials are informative and uplifting. Ours is a message of hope. Yes, dark days are coming, but so is victory and the Millennial Reign of Christ.

We pray this resource will be a blessing to you and to the lost individuals the Lord places on our heart.

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God bless you,

– The I Am A Watchman Team

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